Least expensive weight loss programs? Most effective?

Variety of Weight Loss Programs

weight loss dietI’m currently looking for a weight loss program. I’m thinking about maybe Jenny Craigs, LA weight loss, Weight Watchers…only none of these programs have prices on the website. Also, if anyone has used any of these please tell me about your experience…

*Please do note, I understand that dieting is not always good and there are ways to lose weight without going to a program. I know myself, however, and my discipline isn’t that frat when I do it myself so I would like something structured for me. Thank you in advance for answering the question at hand.

I’m not sure about the costs of Jenny Craig or LA Weight Loss, but I’ve found Weight Watchers to be very affordable.

Facts and Information about Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Program

I do everything online, and it’s about $16.95 per month. The resources are great, from having an online database of foods and point values, to exercise tips, to recipes. They even have a Recipe Builder where you can figure out the points of foods and recipes you cook today.

I also think Weight Watchers is a great plan because it teaches you about portion control and healthy eating/cooking habits so once you’ve lost the weight, you’ve learned the tools to keep it off.

Best Weight Loss Supplement

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