Discover the 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom! Gold Coast

Discover the 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom! Gold Coast

Event on 2011-02-23 18:30:00

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Weight Loss

can become a real health and emotional issue if not dealt properly with, and only leave us flabby, unhappy, exhausted and often lead to more serious issues if not addressed adequately.

It’s such an important matter to have full control of your life and your weight without yo-yo Weight Loss diets and ridiculous and painful exercise regimes.

In this seminar you can learn about an effective and tried method to lose weight and gain that fantastic slim figure you always wanted to have, that slim person you always wanted to be, with a natural healthy diet and gentle exercise, all under the excellent care of a professional health practitioner.

It’s a simple, step by step program that can help you now.

This informative seminar is absolutely FREE, without obligation.

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This seminar will go through.

Discover The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

WARNING: Do Not Try Another Weight Loss Diet Or Slimming Supplement Until You Find Out About The 100 Natural Body Shaping Fat Burn Program!

During This Powerful Seminar, You will Learn How to Get a Slimmer Belly Fast and Melt Away Your Fat For Good!

You Will Discover.

  • The Starvation-Free and Gym-Free Weight Loss Secret to Banish Ugly Belly Fat and Cellulite
  • The 7 Hidden Roadblocks to Fat Loss and the Solutions to Breakthrough to Victory
  • How to Turn On Your Hormonal Intelligence Program and Speed Up Your Metabolism
  • The Body-Shaping Secret Celebrities and Stars Use to Melt Away Persistent Fat
  • How Toxic Squatters Can Sabotage Your Best Weight Loss Efforts
  • Why Many Weight Loss Products and Fad Diets Dont Work
  • How to Overcome The Sleeping Gland that Keeps You Fat.


Complimentary 30 minute Body Shaping Fat Loss Evaluation

for the first 20 Seminar Registrants only!

FREE Information Seminar:
Nerang Bicentennial Community Centre (ROOM 7)Wednesday 23rd February6:30pm – 8pm
or call 1300 853 006 Now

Register your Interest today and attend for FREE! All information sessions are strictly limited numbers, so get in quickly to reserve your seat today.

Commit to bringing your body back to life in 2011

We look forward to helping you get you back to better health, a svelte figure in the meantime, have a fantastic and wonderful day!


at Nerang Bicentennial Community Centre
833 Southport-Nerang Road
Nerang, Australia