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Getting A Belly Fat Diet To Suit You

Eat fewer calories than you consume, this is the essence of a belly fat diet. Don’t worry, there is no need for you to count the calories; you have to learn about the foods that burn fat and accelerate the metabolism. Moreover, it is of paramount importance to determine which foods hinder the weight loss process and keep them away from your diet. You may find the following suggestions useful.

Natural healthy food is the essence of a belly fat diet. We should also point out that the belly fat diet is not by anything different from a regular weight loss diet that targets the entire system.


The best sources of protein are lean meat like fish (tuna, trout or salmon) and chicken. Valuable protein can be taken from nuts and soy products too.


Some carbohydrates work great for fat loss, while others convert into fat; you have to identify those that support a belly fat diet efficiently. You take them from fruit and vegetables, brown rice and wholegrain cereals.

Sugary sweets, cookies, crackers, pastas and white bread contain bad carbohydrates that add up to the existing fat deposits, cause a rise in the blood sugar level and lie at the basis of system imbalances.

Healthy fats!

A belly fat diet should also include valuable fats, otherwise known as oily acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9). They reduce high cholesterol, support the cardiovascular system and contribute to a detoxification of the body. Good fat is taken from fish like salmon and tuna, from nuts, seeds and almonds.The same holds valid for butter and extra virgin olive oil.

Margarines and animal fat are totally out of the question when it comes to designing a belly fat diet. Such foods are the exact opposites of healthy nutrition.

Fruit and vegetables!

This nutritional group is essential for weight loss by the amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers that fresh food contains. You’ll significantly improve your physical shape with several servings of fruit in between meals and will help you with your belly fat diet.

It is a mistake to have fruit after meat because such foods have different digestive tempos and the mix may lead to fermentation.

It is not difficult to create a belly fat diet, but a good fitness level is only achieved if you support it with regular physical activity, correct hydration and good night rest.

Supplements help little if you fail to meet the above mentioned condition. Eating junk food mainly contradicts health principles, and no wonder supplement, diet or program can change that.

Doubts About Adhd Diets – a Sensible Approach

Do you, like me, have doubts about ADHD diets? Are you confused by the conflicting reports?
This article will help you through the jungle, I hope, in deciding what is best for your child to eat. I do not really believe that there is an attention deficit disorder diet as such but I am convinced that kids should eat healthy nutritious food, whether they have ADHD or not.

First Scary Fact

Two facts are uppermost in my mind when I think about a diet for ADHD. One is that the conventional ADHD medications tend to suppress a child’s appetite. If I were in this situation, I would be so worried about supplementing my child’s diet and worrying about the correct amount of protein, vitamins and minerals that I would become crazy myself! Imagine having to worry about whether your child is going to end up with an eating disorder or at best underweight and skinny, with all the baggage that problem brings. This was discussed in a recent issue of ‘Pediatrics’. The latest psychostimulant drugs to come in for criticism are Risperdal and Zyprexa. Federal drug experts have just issued the umpteenth warning about the over prescription of these drugs for children and they use the words ‘substantial risks’!

Second Scary Fact

The second fact which scares me is that if a child is not treated in any way for this condition, he or she has a 1.5 times higher risk of being overweight or obese when compared to children who were not suffering from attention deficit disorder. This was the result of a survey done by the National Survey of Children’s Health.

A Strict Diet? Let’s Get Real!

There are some diets for attention deficit disorder which are fairly strict and in my view are just not practical. I do not believe that they can be enforced and I know that my child might start binge eating if cravings for certain foods will affect their behaviour and even their development. One of the things we need to teach kids is to help them differentiate between real hunger and that of seeking comfort food when the real ‘hunger’ is lack of support or even lack of affection.

A Sensible Approach

We should give our kids food which is basically healthy and nutritious. Fruit, veggies and a good supply of protein are essential. Cut back on snacks, junk food and other processed foods. Cut out fizzy drinks and coke where possible as these are full of additives, colourings and chemicals.Try to make sure they have a pre-packed lunch made by yourself and that there is going to be less processed food around the house and the emphasis is going to be on fruit and vegetables.

Exercise Rocks!

As regards exercise try to make sure that the kids have plenty. Studies have been done to show that any outdoor ‘green’ exercise is beneficial so the more skating, hiking, biking and other physical activity the better.

There Must Be An Easier Way

Parents of ADHD children are turning more and more towards natural remedies for attention deficit disorder which have no side effects and certainly do not affect their appetites one way or the other. Wouldn’t you like to know more about these ADHD natural cures which the drug companies will never tell you about? Wouldn’t you like a natural remedy for ADHD which made life easier for you where you do not have to worry about an ADHD diet? There is a helpful link below this article to give you the other side of the story.

Robert William Locke

Fast Weight Loss

Sticking to a Diet Food Plan

We all know that substantial weight loss comes down to consistency. You need to stick to the actions that will lead to your weight loss goals. You need to keep your exercise routine and your diet food plan going until you achieve the weight loss that you are looking for. Even when you hit your target weight, you still need to stay weight conscious in order to keep the weight off.

All too often I see diets fail because of improper planning. Whether it is an impossible diet food plan, unsustainable exercise routine, or simple lack of motivation, poor planning will lead to a failed weight loss attempt. Even if the weight loss trial starts working, the diet may fail and result in gaining all the weight back that you worked to hard to lose in the first place.

Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure the success of your diet and weight loss attempt:

    1. Create a solid diet food plan. If you simply tell yourself that you will just be counting calories, odds are that you will fail. Counting calories is more of a theoretical weight loss strategy, but is not a practical plan that you can easily follow each day without thinking. You need a more practical diet food plan, for example, create a huge list of different meals that you can prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks throughout the day. If you want to take this a step further, assign estimated calorie values to each meal. When you are trying to figure out what to eat, go to your list and pick something. This will make it a lot easier than trying to guess what to make each meal.

  • Create a list of exercises you enjoy. There are literally a million ways to get exercise. All you have to do to exercise is literally move. Thats it. Just get muscles moving for an extended period of time and you can call it a workout. If you hate running or going to the gym, forcing yourself to go will only be a temporary solution. Create a large list of specific activities that you enjoy. Here are some examples: biking, hiking, walking the dog around the block, tennis, swimming, dancing, jumping jacks, etc.

  • Make it easy to stick to your diet food plan. Get rid of all the junk food from your house. When you go grocery shopping, make sure that you are full so you don’t grab a bunch of junk food. If you really can’t help grabbing junk food at the grocery store, grab a bag of chips or a candy bar right when you walk in and eat it while shopping. You will satisfy your craving for junk food right there and won’t be tempted to buy more for later. Just be sure to pay for the stuff you ate!

  • Make it easy to stick to your exercise routines. Join a gym that you really like. Involve friends and family in fun exercise activities so they force you to go with them. I have a stationary bike in my living room right in front of the TV. If I am watching something really exciting, I usually forget that I am even exercising! The time flies right by.

What do all these ideas have in common? They help make it easy for you to stick to your weight loss and diet plans. I believe that consistency is the key to successful weight loss, and making it easy for yourself to stick to it is the key to consistency.

Tom Noonan

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