How can I lose weight without the hard time diets?

How to Lose Weight Fast

lose weightOkay, I started excersizing everyday and eating extreme healthy like. Well my body started getting messed up cause it wasn’t used to it. So I stopped but then my body got screwed up even more. Would my best bet be just to stick to the diets and exersicing and my body will eventually get used to it? Help!

There is no need for extremes. It sounds like you shocked your system by going full bore right out of the gate. You can be successful with moderation in the beginning, then increasing intensity or duration as your body adapts:

Lose Weight Diet

The best diet is the one that is easy to in initiate, maintain, and integrate into your daily life. You can lose weight and make fat loss permanent by committing to a more positive lifestyle that emphasizes good food choices, moderate (but regular, consistent, and whole-body) exercise that includes weight training, and 30-40 minutes of continuous activity (like walking) each day. One day a week should be very light activity, or even a total rest day. (You don’t want to fry your Central Nervous System.)

You’ll want to establish a slight calorie deficit (burn more than you take in) each week, and look to lose 1-2 lbs each week. Your diet program must be sensible, safe, and progressive. There is no need for complicated calorie counting or expensive (and worthless) supplements/juices. Use one of the online calculators to find your baseline calorie level and eat slightly less. Sugar and processed foods are your enemy. Work on replacing them with fresh fruit, vegetables, and solid protein sources.

Make sure you gradually begin to consume more water, and take your rest as seriously as your activity.

Lose Weight Products

Instead of thinking about a specific diet, think about a life of making good food choices, engaging in regular exercise and physical activity, staying hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Finally, learn what feelings, behaviors, and situations sabotage your fat loss efforts and work to neutralize them. Emotional eating is mindless eating and you’ll normally reach for processed products that are calorie-intense…and are stored as fat.

Again, there is no need for controlling, restrictive, or starvation-type diets, harsh workouts, hours of mindless cardio, expensive supplements, or dangerous pills. You can lose weight and burn fat with attention to making intelligent food choices, a program of regular exercise that includes weight training to build lean muscle tissue, and consistent moderate activity.

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