Burn That Fat- Weight Loss Diets That Won’t Starve You

If you want to burn that excess fat, weight loss diets that cut your calorie intake to the bone aren’t the best way to do it.

Many diets require extreme calorie reduction, to 1,500, 1,200 or fewer calories. They leave you hungry all the time, living on a diet of salad and crackers that just isn’t enough to get you through your day. They also slow down your metabolism, the furnace that burns calories in your body.

So why is cutting calories so popular to lose fat? Weight loss diets that employ fat burning methods are more effective. They also give you more energy, making you sharper and more focused, because they convert that fat on your body into energy you can use as you go about your day. Fat burning methods leave you feeling better, while calorie reduction makes you hungry.

The best way to lose fat is to employ strategies which will stimulate your metabolism. Change your eating schedule and portion sizes. Eat the correct foods in the morning to stimulate your metabolism, and eat lighter foods at night so your body doesn’t convert too many calories to fat while you’re sleeping. Techniques like these are known as calorie shifting, and there’s an entire diet built around them.

The FatLoss4Idiots diet is a simple way to use calorie shifting and make your metabolism as strong as it can be. With a healthy metabolism, you feel alert, alive, and active at all times of day-and the fat practically melts off of your body at amazing rates. Many FatLoss4Idiots users have reported losing up to 9 pounds during the diet’s 11 day meal cycle. Take action now and change your diet-take the first step by reading this FatLoss4Idiots review and start creating the body you’ve been wanting.

Aaron Patterson