Drink Green Tea and Lose Weight

It has recently been seen much in the news about green tea and weight loss.

Green tea has weight loss effects that have led to more and more people to start sipping the ancient Japanese drink. But how does green tea help you lose weight? Does it really works or is it all just hype? This article will give you the real situation of drinking green tea to lose weight.

Experts say different things but the majority agrees that you need to drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea per day is optimal. Doing this can help you burn 70 extra calories per day, which amounts to 7 pounds per year. This is good for not exercising or even cutting calories.

Benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss:

Green tea improves your metabolism

Research reported in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that green tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy consumption (metabolism ‘boost’).

The researchers also found that within 24 hours, green tea extract increases the metabolic rate by 4%. These effects may be caused by the large amount of catechin polyphenols found in green tea. These efforts will help increase the level of fat oxidation and heat production (the rate at which your body burns calories).

Green tea inhibits fat absorption and helps glucose regulation

The experts tell us that the catechins in green tea helps to stop the movement of glucose in fat cells. Green tea may also act as a regulator of glucose. Help stop the increase in blood sugar after a meal by drinking green tea. This prevents high insulin spikes (lots of insulin promotes fat storage) and the subsequent fat storage.

Green tea helps reduce your appetite

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that green tea makes rats lose up to 21 percent of their body weight. Rats injected with a green tea extract lost appetite and food consumption to 60 percent lower after seven days with daily injections.

Green tea helps you reduce calories from your morning drink.

We are a nation hooked on coffee. If you want to save the mega-calories in the morning, but you still get the caffeine fix, try to substitute green tea for coffee. Or green tea in the afternoon instead of that dream 700 calories mocha chilli. You will definitely see a difference in your waistline after a few weeks.

So there are 4 ways that green tea can help you lose weight … But how much do you really need to drink to get these effects huge boost metabolism?

3 to 5 cups may be much for some people, so you might also consider green tea extract, green tea pills or a patch of green tea.