Facts & Myths About Diet Pills

Diet pills may be very tempting if you want to lose weight, especially if you’ve tried the more conventional weight loss diets with little or no success. If this is the case, exercise extreme caution! Research the product carefully before you buy. Even those products that appear to be natural and safe can be useless for weight loss, and worse yet be dangerous to your health.

Americans spend approximately $30-50 billion each year on diet and weight loss programs, products and pills – $6 billion of this is said to be spent on weight loss products and pills that are fraudulent!

Prescription Only and Over-the-Counter Diet Pills.

Prescription Only Diet Pills are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Their side effects are monitored and they may be advertised and prescribed for weight loss under certain conditions and in certain pill-dosages. Over-the-Counter Diet Pills are classified as food supplements and are relatively unregulated. These diet pills are not tested by Federal authorities, nor are they subject to the same advertising, dosage or labeling requirements as prescription diet pills. What this means to you is -Buyer Beware! You have no idea what is really contained in the product you are using. But, even though pills are regulated by FDA that does not guarantee they are completely safe! Many have been taken off the market due to serious side effects.

What Approach Do They Take?

Diet pills work differently. There are diet pills that function like speed to increase the body’s metabolism which ultimately causes the body to burn off calories. Unfortunately, they also can induce strokes and heart attacks for many. For this reason drugs such as Ephedra, Aminorex, Fenfluramine (Fen-phen), Phenylpropanolamine and Ephedrine were taken off the market.

Other diet pills work with neurotransmitters in the brain that signal a response in the body that puts a halt to hunger. The result is a loss of appetite because the brain does not receive the hunger signal that prompts you to eat. These too have helped people lose weight, but they also carry some risk for side effects. One product that uses this approach and yet has shown no known side effects is Hoodia. Hoodia is a natural substance extracted from the Hoodia gordonii plant from . So far, all testing that has been done on this product has turned up no known side effects or health risks, and yet has shown to be remarkably effective in controlling the appetite.

There Are Really No True ‘Magic’ Pills

Except for Hoodoba Hoodia gordonii diet pills, the newest of the bunch, there no true ‘magic’ pills-and, despite being the best diet pill available, Hoodoba® Hoodia is still not truly ‘magical’. You have to possess a genuine desire to succeed before it can really help. Combining Hoodoba® Hoodia gordonii diet pills with a low calorie diet will enable you to achieve the weight loss results you only dreamed of. With Hoodoba® it is easy to say goodbye to the extra weight and watch yourself evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to be!

R. Silverman