What do you think is harder to follow a financial diet or a food diet?

Diet Review

I am trying to develop a good spending plan. I feel like I am on a food diet. Like you try hard to eat right and exercise but still have a hard time staying on track. Money is the same way. Anyone think this is similar.

Hahahahaaaa… I like this question.

But personally, I have never and still can’t try that ‘financial diet’ that u are talking about there because I have never ever had monies to spear. I am very skinny financially.

But, both can be hard and both can be easy. It depends on your will power. Will yourself to do it and you will.

Diet Listing

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down randomly the benefits (pros) of the financial diet then the cons as well.

When u r done, write them out in order of priority.

Review it every now n then if anything else comes to your mind. And keep this close to your heart.

Then every time you deny yourself something (from spending money), write down the date, the item and the amount. Every week, month, etc, total the amount and see how much you have saved so far in your financial diet (it’s like jumping on a scale to see how much weight you have lost so far in a food diet). And look at the item to see if you had really need it then. Chances are, you might be happy you never bought it.

Diet Tips!

But remember, times are getting harder and harder these days. The world is in a financial mess. Treasure your money. Spend wisely, for tomorrow you will be happier for it much more than you are today.

-What do you think is harder to follow a financial diet or a food diet?-

Facts and Information about Diet

  1. Once you embrace the following tips, you can finally break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and take charge of your health, once and for all.
  2. Within a few months I’d easily lost the last 10 pounds of baby weight–without dieting, counting calories or giving up dessert–and I’ve stayed within two pounds of that weight for the past three years.
  3. Unlike bulimics, those with this disorder report binges before engaging in any dieting behavior.
  4. Thinking less about how to change your physical appearance in a certain way via dieting (most of them are pretentious and don’t work) will often lead to your body and mind achieving a beauty that does not need to battle, but instead has already conquered Time.
  5. If weight loss is one of your concerns, then chances are you have heard of yo yo dieting .

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