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Today we are getting ready to go to the airport on a last minute trip. This is a great opportunity for me to show you what I do to prepare for a long trip. I want to bring a lot of healthy and easy to prepare foods for trips like these.

I took some vegetables from my refrigerator and chopped them up (it took me about 15 minutes of prep time) into a vegetable salad. This will last us for 2 days (broccoli, spinach, beets, asparagus, radishes, fresh corn). It’s a light salad that will work for us because we aren’t going to be very active on this trip. This salad is full of nutrients and will make us feel very light and energized.

Keep in mind if you are traveling on a plane, you can bring food, but not liquids. So, instead of storing my dressing in a container, I’m going to drizzle it on my salad and take it with me that way. This is my favorite quick and easy salad dressing, which you can find in my Easy Veggie Meal Plans, which you can get online. I make it by drizzling some sunflower seed oil, agave nectar and amino acids for the salt and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. It’s great!

You can take a lot of healthy snacks on the plane (vegetables, nuts, seeds). I’m also going to pack some celery sticks and cucumbers. I sprinkle a little bit of seasoning on a cucumber which is great. It’s packed with fiber so it is a filling snack as well.

I’m also going to bring along my rice protein powder which I have packed in a little Tupperware container. I put enough in my container for a couple of days. We may have this for breakfast or a snack when we are out running around. I also have some raw flax seed crackers I’m going to bring along. I use these on my salad in place of croutons and also eat them with salsa. You can get these at health food stores.

I also have some nectarines and fresh almonds, which I’ve soaked in water. I’ve got some raw food and green bars which are very tasty and a seaweed snack.

Here we are at the airport after we’ve checked in. We’ve had a long day and are catching a red-eye flight so we are starving! I’ve got my great salad that I prepared earlier in the day with my quick and easy salad dressing. The salads at the airport are no good and so expensive, so it’s a good thing we came prepared!

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